Mentored Youth Hunts.

We only archery hunt.  Using a compound bow or crossbow whichever is best for the individual with a disability.  We have limited adapted hunting equipment for mobility impairments but strive to meet the needs of each hunter based on his or her ability.We also take out active duty military. 


Changing Lives and Managing our Whitetail Population

Patrick,s first deer.

Safety and conservation are our main focus.  We believe mentoring youth and encouraging females to bow hunt is a great way to ensure the growth of bow hunting in our country. We are on the Disabled Veterans administration list in Washington DC to accommodate Wounded or Disabled Veterans. We are creating memories while managing the whitetail population effectively in our area. 

Congratulations Mike & Mike 

Disabled Archery Only Hunts.

Congrads on your 250 lbs Buck 20" Spread  .

Active Vets on the hunt

CONGRATULATIONS  Glenn on taken 54 deer single handed in Allegheny County .Not sure but I bet thats a state  record .!!!!!!!

​Thanks for the help big guy