And also special Thanks to the DelRosso, Mamajek,Krizner,s and Palmquistlys Families for there Continued  Support 2016-17 THANK YOU

And a special thanks to the homeowners of Bethel Park for their understanding and use of their property to harvest and manage our deer population THANK YOU ​SO MUCH


Creating Opportunities

We are a small organization of bow hunters who live and work in the South Hills community. We are passionate about people and conservation.  We started our organization in 2010 and have taken many individuals with disabilities hunting. 42 Doe and 6 Bucks.Total harvested in 2014-15 season was 47 .

The 2015-16 deer harvest to date is 93  total ,81 doe and 3 Spikes, One -4 point, One 6 point, One 7 point, Four 8 Points and Two nine Points. Harvested. We offer whitetail deer management  while providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to enjoy bow hunting under controlled environments with the highest regard for safety.

2016-17 Season Opening day Sept  17 th 2 doe harvested in Bethel Park and 30 additionial harvested as of January 19 th 2017,Two 8 Points /one 9 pt For a Total of 32 Harvested for our season.                                                        So far our 2017-18 season we have harvested 32 to date.Harvests are shared with local homeowners and landowners as well as local food banks and Senior citizens that maybe a little less fortunate.   All deer are professionally processed.  Please help us create lasting memories for individuals with disabilities while controlling our whitetail deer population.

2015-16 we fed 5,000 people at local food banks and 80 residents of Bethel Park ,If you are a landowner or person with a disability, and would like to participate, or     have any questions, please contact us. Its Free.!!!


Glenn Lackey (President), Master Sargent Mike Waskewich (Vice President) and Derek Tappe ( Secretary) Brandon Weimer &James Komis Hunting associates

All members and associates have PA Game Commision Safity course ,Bow huntering course certification certificate and bow hunting Ethics course .